Dragon Orbs

Dragon Orbs 1.0

A fun and exciting action packed game where you must solve the puzzles in order to teach your lovabl
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Dragon Orbs is an exciting fast paced action/puzzle game, the object is to match 3 or more orbs of the same color. You play as a baby dragon who is on a mission to learn to breathe fire. In order to learn how, you must guide the loveable dragon through 50+ levels of fast paced orb shooting. With stunning visual 2D graphics, professionally done musical scores, and incredible sounds, Dragon Orbs will give you an unforgettable experience. Play over different terrains while flying through the clouds. Finished the 50+ action packed levels and are still craving more? You can create your own level masterpieces and play brand new diabolical puzzles! Give these levels to your friends to try and see if they can conquer your own creations. Check out the FREE five level download now!

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